Home Energy Audit Vs Evaluation

At AZ Energy Experts, we offer the same service as a home energy audit, but with a few key differences that we like to let our clientele know about. We are a Home Energy Star certified installer, and can can give your home a makeover when it comes to it’s energy usage. In terms of our service, our energy evaluation is very similar to the home energy audit that is sanctioned by SRP or APS. We provide all the same services, like duct sealing, solar water heater installing, insulation and more, and will check your home for any problems that may be costing you money on your utility bills. SRP demands that each audit created through their system is sanctioned by them, which takes time and can cause some issues with tax rebates and credits. We still work with your utility to get you the full refunds and credits you deserve, but we cannot call our service an energy audit. The benefits we give our customers by not performing “energy audits” as sanctioned by the utilities are the reason we do business in this fashion.

Benefits of our energy evaluation services:

Faster service – We can start your home improvements as soon as needed. No waiting on the utilities.

Completely free! – We don’t charge anything for our home energy audits in Maricopa county and the Phoenix metropolitan area. You don’t pay anything unless you receive services from us.

Bigger Rebates – Since we are not tied down to certain regulations, we can make sure you get the most bang for your buck from tax incentives and rebates.

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